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Veterans Concerns & Links



Vietnam Veterans Virtual Wall
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington DC honors those
who died in the Vietnam War. Their relatives and friends leave letters,
poems, and photographs at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and on this
web site.  We bring the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to your home to help
remember the sacrifices of the fallen and their families.
Agent Orange/Toxic Exposure

This outreach program provides information about Agent Orange and dioxin and actively pursues the recognition of presumptive disabilities from exposure. The program also provides assistance to state councils, chapters and service programs in the handling of Agent Orange-related problems. Additional priorities are to foster sponsorship of legislation to help the victims of Agent Orange and Dioxin and encourage scientific and medical research in the field of dioxin-related ailments.
VVA Wisconsin State Council
This website offers one of the most comprehensive online directory of military resources and information. We provide education information including military schools, military education and federal schools.
The Highground Veterans Memorial Park
“More than for all veterans, more than for those who did not come back, The Highground is a place for all of us.”  Incorporated in 1984 as the Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Memorial Project, Inc., this grass-roots effort continues only because of the dedication of countless individuals, families, organizations, and businesses who have given of their time, talents, and financial resources. 
Veterans Service Records
Vietnam Veterans of America Homepage
VVA’s goals are to promote and support the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans, to create a new identity for this generation of veterans, and to change public perception of Vietnam veterans.
Associates of Vietnam Veterens of America
Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. (AVVA) is a national nonprofit membership and service organization. Working through the more than 600 local Chapters of Vietnam Veterans of America, and working independently, AVVA supports the needs of all Veterans, their families, and their communities.
Local Veterans Service Offices
St. Croix County
Assisting Veterans and their families with State and Federal Department of Veterans Affairs benefits.
Washington County
Washington County Veteran Services provides responsive, timely, accurate and compassionate assistance to Veterans, their dependents and survivors in applying for federal, state and local benefits. In recognition of their service to our nation we act as their advocates.
Polk County
To serve Polk County’s veterans, their families and survivors as effective advocates in obtaining any and all veteran benefits, whether federal, state and/or local, to which they are rightfully entitled.
Pepin County
The Veterans Service Office offers provides assistance to veterans in obtaining any of the variety of benefits provided by the State of Wisconsin and the Federal VA.  Our office is available to assist in applying for these benefits and answering questions.
Pierce County
Provides assistance for veteran benefits, including pensions, compensation, education reimbursement, medicate, government insurance, correction of military records, burial benefits, housing loans, and grants.
Goodhue County
Goodhue County Veterans Services provides assistance to veterans and their dependents with obtaining potential veterans benefits form the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. We also work as advocates for veterans and their dependents or connect them to other agencies dependent on their needs.
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